Regrets & Recipes…

Ok let’s get the negative stuff out of the way. Regrets, I try not to have them but every now and then one sneaks up… View Post

[Oh] Snap, Crackle [Paint], Pop [of color]!

Did you know that crackle nail polish was actually an old school nail trend? This time last year, one vintage bottle of crackle nail polish… View Post

Friday Favorites ♥

Happy Friday everyone! Thank goodness it’s the weekend I am ready to relax and unwind…for about 5 minutes! Then I have to hit the books!… View Post

The girl who never wore red lipstick…

Hey readers! I am a little under the weather this week, hence my lack of photo’s and very late blog postings. I’m overdosing on vitamins,… View Post

ThRiFtY tUeSdAy…

THRIFTY TUESDAY!! Last week was ‘Bargain Tuesday’ this week is Thrifty Tuesday and nothing is thriftier than a thrift store J!! I love going to different… View Post