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Q: What do you get when two dynamic powerhouse women come together?

A: Your. Life.

Yes, you get your life!

Now more than ever I feel it’s so important to be intentional with everything that we do in order to live our best life. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always know how to do that.

Anyone else have a hard time ‘adulting’ or knowing how to be a grown up? Are there certain experiences holding you back from being your best self? 
As soon as I found out about this tour I made the decision to attend and I am so looking forward to the open conversations and lessons to be had/learned. I’m ready to be the best version of Marissa I can be!

And if you need to get your life then I suggest getting a ticket to The Purpose and Healing Tour with author Debbie London and The Purpose Professor, Dr. Eve HudsonI had the pleasure of interviewing these ladies to find out what the tour is all about and what we can expect to gain from attending.

1. What can attendees expect to get out of the tour? 

Attendees can expect an authentic personal development experience. When you think of the typical seminars you feel like someone is telling you what to do with your life from a pedestal. We on the other hand disarm our guests by showing them we are in the trenches with them and that the journey of purpose and healing doesn’t have to be walked alone.

2. What would you like for them to take away from the tour? 

We would like them to walk away relieved knowing that they aren’t alone in not having their shit together. However, there is beauty in vulnerability, accountability, and doing what’s necessary to get unstuck and move forward in the direction you have always wanted to. This event provides the safe space and tools to jump start getting unstuck in the areas of healing and purpose.

3. What inspired you two to collaborate and create the Purpose + Healing Tour? 

Initially, I was going to do a book tour alone but I was speaking with someone who mentioned collaborating with women. I had a light bulb moment and immediately called Eve. She is super dope and super talented, it was a no brainer for us to come together and do what we have been called to do…change lives. Two heads are definitely better than one here. Our chemistry during the event couldn’t be any more perfect. A collaboration made in heaven.

5. Raleigh is your last stop, are you excited to be heading to the city with your Alma Mater? 

Absolutely! Each city has had its own personality and vibe. For the finale, we have a strong feeling that this will be the best one yet. We are excited to see how it unfolds. We don’t rehearse so everything flows organically and we follow the vibe of the audience when we are presenting. We really believe Raleigh is going to bring the house down and we are excited about it.

6. Will there be future tour dates and additional cities? 

We are discussing that. We have a few stipulations for this to continue. Although this was only 3 cities, there are so many moving parts that require a lot of time and funds to pull off. We have been able to pull this off seamlessly but with help we can do so much more. Our hope is to pitch this to someone who would sponsor and take on the promotion. We know what we have here is amazing but to take it to the next level we would need a large backing. Anyone reading this who can point us in the right direction or knows someone who would be interested in our pitch can email us at info@purposeandhealing.com 🙂

With all their accomplishments, these ladies are still so down to earth. I asked them 5 questions to get to know them better and this is what they had to say:

Fave 5



Fave guilty pleasure to watch on TV? 

Love and Hip Hop

Fave junk food guilty pleasure? 

Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked

Favorite splurge to treat yourself? 

Steak dinner with wine

Celebrity crush? 

Morris Chestnut

Favorite thing to do on the weekends? 

Travel and spend time with husBAE!

Fave guilty pleasure to watch on TV? 

Greenleaf, LHH-Hollywood, Black-ish, This is Us, Fuller House, Being Mary Jane…a little ratchet and sensible is what I like lol

Fave junk food guilty pleasure? 

Fried chicken is my number 1 lolol along with pizza and tacos (with extra sour cream)

Favorite splurge to treat yourself? 

Makeup and getting my hair done

Celebrity crush? 

Oprah, she is the type of influencer I aspire to be. My mind is drawing a blank on guys, I don’t really crush on celebrities. I may think they are attractive but that’s about it because they aren’t attainable for us regular, none groupie girls lol.

Favorite thing to do on the weekends? 

Sleep and reset

Eve and Debbie have been kind enough to offer one of you a FREE general admission ticket for their event which takes place October 22nd at The Cannon Room in Downtown Raleigh.

You can enter using the widget below, and for those interested in purchasing a ticket you can do so here, be sure to enter code MARISSA for 20% off your ticket. There are several options, including VIP tickets with free swag bag and a meet & greet!

Hope to see you there! It’s sure to be a good time!


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