|Fashion| Fall Vibes

So, I bought this dress back in September…you know, when Fall was supposed to start? Yep, I had high hopes.

I know, I know, I live in NC – Fall doesn’t start until November. What can I say, I was being optimistic and HELLO – THIS DRESS!! 

Receipt: Dress | Booties (Similar) | Purse (Similar)

I’m a sucker for a shirt dress + a plaid print…I also can’t go into Target without getting distracted and buying things I don’t need. (If I’m being honest this happens in most stores, but shhhh 😉).

It’s finally cooled down enough for me to pair it with some booties and the look gives me major fall vibes, the only thing missing is a chai latte!

Photos Courtesy of Martha Smith Tillery Photography

What gives you Fall Vibes?




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