|Review| Mrs. Patels Fenugreek Bars

Any breastfeeding mama’s out there?

Yes? No? Maybe so?

Well, if you are a nursing mama or know one this post could
be useful. If you’re not one…well it might not be so useful, BUT since we’re
friends you’ll read it anyway? Right? Right. (That’s what friends are for 😉!)

I’m a nursing mama to baby AJ who is our 3rd baby
and just the sweetest!

But being a mom of 3 keeps me busy and I don’t always
hydrate and eat the way I need to in order to keep up my milk supply.
Apparently pizza and gummy bears don’t help, who knew!?

In comes Mrs. Patels to save the day! I’ve been following
them on Instagram for a while now and finally decided to place an order to try
out the fenugreek bars. I decided to order the combo pack so I could try all
the flavors, which include original fenugreek, chocolate fenugreek, and my
personal favorite peanut butter fenugreek bars. The combo pack comes with 12
bars and need to be refrigerated upon arrival. They can also go in the freezer
for up to 3 months if you don’t plan on eating them all right away.

Each batch is personally handcrafted, so if you’re an Amazon
Prime addict like me – you’ll have to practice some patience as these do not
come within 2 days! The wait is worth it!

The bars have an earthy and sweet flavor to them and as I
mentioned the peanut butter was my favorite flavor of the three though the
original and chocolate are tasty as well.

I ate 1 bar a day and noticed an increase in energy and milk
supply by about ½ an ounce when I pumped, though typically I just feed him
right from the tap ;). He always seemed to be full and happy which is my goal.
I will note that a side effect to fenugreek is that you can exude a slight pancake
syrupy smell from your pores. I don’t mind this, although it did make me crave
pancakes! But overall, not the worst thing to smell like!

So, if you’re looking for a product to increase your milk
supply Mrs. Patel’s is definitely worth the money. It’s also great that your
first order is 20% off and they have specials all the time with other discounts
that they advertise on their social media accounts.

Finally, I’d just like to add that while I am a huge
breastfeeding advocate, I am NOT a breastfeeding Nazi! I always say: Breast is natural,
but fed is best. So whether you choose breast, bottle, formula…as long as baby
is happy and loved that’s what’s important.

To all the readers who are not nursing mamas but decided to
be a friend and read this post, give your boobs a squeeze and thanks for being a friend! 🙂

And, for all my nursing mama’s that read this post, DON’T
give yours a squeeze! Can’t risk the leakage! LOL!



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