Tomorrow I say goodbye to my 20’s.

It’s both bittersweet and exciting. I think entering my 30’s
makes me feel as though I am officially a grown up, never mind the fact that I
am married with 2 kids. That doesn’t make you a grown up, 30 does :).

 30’s. That’s like real adulthood. Gross.

If I had to pick one word to describe my 20’s it would be
growth. I have just learned so much about myself the past 10 years and have
really grown into myself. I feel comfortable with having an opinion and stating
it, about realizing that I don’t need a million friends, just a few good ones,
and about my worth and value as a woman, as a partner, and a person.  I really matured the past 10 years.

My 20’s saw me through so much; I suffered the worst
heartbreak of my life and found the greatest love of my life. I made friends, I
lost friends, I had wild nights with my girls and quiet nights at home. I drank
way too much Tequila and laughed till my sides ached, I went on road trips, and
I travelled. Sometimes life knocked me on my ass, but I got back up and kept
pushing. I stopped thinking about how I was “supposed” to do things, and
started doing them in the ways that made sense for me.

I experienced the
pain of a miscarriage and the joy of pregnancy. I created two absolutely
beautiful and perfect human beings. My life is forever changed because of the gift
of my son and daughter. If nothing else I know I did 2 things right. Well…3
things, because I picked a pretty awesome husband to be a dad ;).

I have no qualms about leaving my 20’s behind. I enjoyed them
– I did some things right, I screwed up plenty of others, and I had a lot of
fun in the process. I look forward to my 30’s  because 30 is a privilege. Really, it
is. {
Admit it, it’s a miracle you’re still here
after all the things you 
thought were a good
idea in your 20’s…}


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