Keep it simple stupid.

Sometimes the best thing to put on, is the simplest thing to put on. You can never go wrong with the basics.

A simple white tee, jeans, and some flats. No flashy jewelry, no bold make up. Simplicity.

I have to remind myself that, that’s ok. I find myself trying to keep up with the other bloggers out there, but if I was to be honest I’m most comfortable in a simple outfit. It’s comfortable, chic, and I’m still able to chase behind my 4 year old and 5 month old.

So note to my future self, the next time you’re stressed out about what to wear – remember, Keep it simple stupid.

Receipt Rundown|Jeans|Flats- Similar|Shirt

Forgot to take my badge off from work! Sorry! 

Time for a ponytail. I never have my hair down for that long. 


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