A little something new…

So, if you like my FB page you saw my status about a BIG reveal today!!

A few weeks ago, I posted this picture: [by the way #1 seemed to be the popular choice]

asking for help in deciding which color to go with. I was really torn between the two, untiiiill I saw THIS picture on pinterest 

I knew right away that this was really the color I wanted! Something that was a cross between red and purple. Something totally new and out of my comfort zone. Up until last night I always played it safe with highlights and color. Getting the same one year after year. THIS, this is a major change and I love the way it turned out! 

I needed to do something fun and exciting, after I had my son I did a big chop this time around I colored outside the lines 😉

Excuse the pictures because it’s super late at night and I had no make up on but here it is!!

Blonde is so NOT my color! LOL 🙂

Do you like it? Because I love it!

It’s very bright now, but the color will tone down after a few washes and really settle!

Have you ever done a drastic color change before?


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