Right Now

Right now I’m…

Wearing gray
sweatpants [but not in that picture]

Listening to my
daughter breathe as she sleeps beside me

Watching my words
as I type them on the screen

Thinking about
what to wear to work tomorrow

Nervous about my
review, they always give me anxiety

Reading an email
from Google telling me I just renewed my site for another year! Looks like I am
sticking around at least until 2015 🙂

Wanting another Popsicle

Feeling bummed about my Ipsy bag in July. I could only use 1 thing

Excited about
kickboxing class

Considering signing
up for StitchFix, I feel so left out! LOL

Proud of myself
for prepping my smoothie fruits for in the morning

Happy to be
writing for Carolina STYLE Magazine again

Looking forward
to going to Baltimore in a few weeks

Loving that I got
my younger sister addicted to the show Blossom! Her cool factor just went up a
little. I’m still cooler, because I’m older.

Loving watching
my husband play with our kids. No sweeter sight.

Getting sleepy. It’s
time for bed

What are YOU doing right now?


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