Friday Funnies

This was my first week back at work so some Friday Funnies
are much needed!

Seriously I wish I could get paid to blog and watch Wendy
Williams everyday 🙂 [Can we say DREAM JOB!]

I’m glad I took the break though because now I have so many
post ideas that I can’t wait to get them all typed and take pictures!! To give
you a little teaser I’ll be bring back my Ever Wonder and Dinner for $15 or
less series, I’ll be taking you on the journey as I do Whole 30 for the first
time, I’ve got some giveaways from awesome sponsors, talking about my 30 before
30, and I’ll be doing a little thrifting and shopping here and there too!

SO BUCKLE UP! It’s going to be a fun ride!!

And now, this week’s Friday Funnies! 

Especially when you haven’t had a drink in 9 months! ;0)

How parents threaten their children in the new millennium 

We all do it. Complain about how cold it is in Winter and then how hot it is in the Summer! #guilty

I mean she’s pretty darn cute! Move out of the way North West #mykidscute

It’s like looking in a mirror! LOL 🙂


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