what I want Wednesday

 I often see posts on other blogs that offer a ‘splurge’ item and a similar item for less. I LOOOOOVE those post because I feel like I can still be stylish without spending a ton of cash. As a working mom, I’m definitely on a budget!

Well today I have a MAJOR deal for you!!
My guilty pleasure is watching the Wendy Williams Show and she recently started a new segment called Trendy at Wendy. Here she offers exclusive deals and discounts on fabulous, fashionable items!

One item that caught my eye is this London Fog bag, as it’s very similar to a Brahmin bag I’ve drooling over and daydreaming about!


Great deal right?! Well hurry and get it, deal ends Thursday 3/27 at 9am EST!!

On a more personal note, thank you all for the well wishes and patience with me as I get through these last few weeks of pregnancy. My posts may be a bit sporadic as we work with and take care of some concerns with my doctors office but I promise to keep you all updated on our baby girls arrival! And I’ll post when I can before she gets here :0) 

Your support and love mean so much.


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