Monday Mantra| Tummy Update

Because tomorrow’s are not promised. 

Just a little simple advice 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I had my baby shower on Saturday so it was great to see my friends, play some games, and catch up! Plus we got some great things for baby! After the shower I went home and propped up my swankles [swollen ankles]. I’m less than 30 days away from my due date so I am at the point where resting is key. 

Here’s my current pregnancy update:

  • How
    far along: 
    36 weeks

  • How
    big is baby:
     Approx. 5 – 6lbs and 20 inches long

  • Weight
    30 lbs! I will definitely be working out after baby!

  • Sleeping: Hit
    or miss, belly is bigger and it’s harder to get comfortable but I take
    sleep when I can get it. I nap quite a bit on the weekends and some
    evenings after work.

  • Food
    None really

  • Food
    None that I can think of

  • Missing: Sushi,
    sushi, and more sushi!

  • Symptoms: LOTS
    of Braxton Hicks contractions! Swollen ankles, achy back, itchy belly,
    this list could go on and on.

  • Doctor’s

  • Movement: Baby
    is definitely on the move, her movements are really strong and pronounced
    now since she is running out of room.

  • Gender
    / Names: 
    Beautiful baby girl!

  • Best
    moment of the week: 
    Celebrating my baby shower with my friends!

  • What
    I’m looking forward to: 
    Having this baby! Pregnancy is a
    wonderful miraculous thing and all but I am ready to have her here and get
    my body back.

  • What
    I did / Got for baby: 
    We got so many things at the baby shower,
    we’re so grateful and appreciative of everything.  Just a few items left to pick up and I
    think we are all set!     

Big Baby Bump! 

This cake was SO yummy! 

*Excuse the cellphone pictures but I didn’t take my camera! 

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