DIY| Makeup Brush Holder

My usual makeup brush storage is an old black bag that I
just toss all my brushes into. Face brushes, eye brushes, and lip brushes – all
in the same bag. I didn’t take the best care of them or even wash them
regularly and to be honest I’ve had some of the brushes for over 5 years [Kinda gross, I know!].

So I made a decision to do better this year and I purchased
a new set of brushes by Shany Cosmetics. Instead of tossing them in a bag I wanted to
place them on the counter in the bathroom so I decided to make some fun brush
holders with a little inspiration from Pinterest of course! 

This DIY was so
easy and I love the way that it turned out!


A See-thru Glass Bowl, Jar, or Vase with a wide opening – I got
mine from the Dollar Tree

Makeup Brushes

Glass Marbles – I purchased 2 bags from Dollar Tree 

Glue Gun – Purchased at Target


Place small dime sized amount of hot glue onto the back of
glass marble

Place marble(s) in desired pattern on glass jar (vase)

Let dry overnight

Place remaining marbles in jar, add makeup brushes.

What do you think? 

Brushes – Shany Cosmetics


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