Today I celebrate 3 years married to my best friend. It’s been an amazing adventure that I can’t imagine being on with anyone else. 


It’s hard for me to remember what my life was like before you were in it. I feel like all my favorite laughs, memories, and moments involve you somehow. And even during the not-so-good moments you are there to hold my hand and comfort me. I love how silly we are, how much we laugh, and how little we stress. I am so blessed that we have each other, and I am thankful for you everyday [even on the days I seem cranky!]. I look forward to writing the rest of our love story, I know it will be epic 🙂

Happy Anniversary, I love you. 

And I Have You| By Nikki Giovanni

Rain has drops 
Sun has shine 
Moon has beams 
That make you mine
Rivers have banks 
Sands for shores 
Hearts have heartbeats 
That make me yours
Needles have eyes 
Though pins may prick 
Elmer has glue 
To make things stick
Winter has Spring 
Stockings feet 
Pepper has mint 
To make it sweet
Teachers have lessons 
Soup du jour 
Lawyers sue bad folks 
Doctors cure
All and all 
This much is true 
You have me 
And I have you 


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