Maternity Monday

I’ve shared a few of my maternity pictures on here with you
all before, but I wanted to take the opportunity to also shed the spotlight on
the photographer that took them!

During my first pregnancy we were not able to get maternity
photos done before I went into labor [I went into labor earlier than
expected].  So I really wanted to make
sure that we got some this time around and that we were able to involve the
whole family.

I’d spoken to Jason of Knightlife Studios in the past about
doing a professional model photo shoot and thought of him again for out
maternity shoot. I was beyond elated when he said he could do the shoot for us
and I instantly started sending him ideas of what types of pictures and poses I’d
like to have.

What I LOVED about working with Jason is that he is so
flexible and understanding, he was willing to come to our house for the shoot
where I knew we’d be most comfortable and also where I was supposed to be
according to doctors’ orders. He had me on a modified bed rest schedule. 

He brought all the necessary professional equipment and made
us feel very comfortable; he even put some music on to loosen us up! What I really appreciated is that he remembered all the poses and ideas I had in mind and he did his best to capture all if them. That really meant a lot to me. 

If you’re in the local Raleigh area I’d highly recommend Jason
as a photographer, there are samples of his work available on his website and
he also writes a blog. I’m looking forward to working with him once our baby
girl is here. Hopefully the weather will be on our side and we’ll be able to
get some outdoor shots!

Read on for a tummy update after the pictures! =)

This is one of my favorites! 🙂

Here’s my current pregnancy update:

  • How far along: 31 Weeks

  • How big is baby: Approx. 3lbs and 18 inches
    long – the size of a pineapple

  • Weight gain: 20 lbs!

  • Sleeping: Hit or miss, belly is bigger and it’s
    harder to get comfortable but I take sleep when I can get it. I nap quite
    a bit on the weekends

  • Food cravings: Haagen Daz coffee ice cream! SO.

  • Food aversions: None that I can think of

  • Missing: Sushi,
    sushi, and more sushi!

  • Symptoms: LOTS of Braxton Hicks contractions!
    They can really be a doozy!

  • Doctor’s appointment: Next week

  • Movement: Baby is definitely on the move! I
    swear she’s doing Zumba in there!

  • Gender / Names: Beautiful baby girl!

  • Best moment of the week: Getting her crib and the hubby
    putting it together, also getting my breast pump [TMI? Sorry!]

  • What I’m looking forward to: Baby shower in a few weeks!

  • What I did / Got for baby: We got her crib and also her travel


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