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Being able to change my look is something I truly enjoy
about being a woman! New hair color, nail polish, outfit, hairstyle, etc…all
things we can change as many times as we like! How lucky are we?!

Working in a corporate environment my hair and nails are the
two physical aspects I tend to change the most. I can’t exactly walk in with
facial piercings and a bunch of tats [no offense to those that have them! I’m
just not that cool =)] I can always change up my nail color or design and how I
style/wear my hair.

I was so happy to ‘meet’ Carmelle of Hair Garb Extensions on
Instagram a few months ago. She was kind enough to send me some hair to review
and answer some interview questions.

The hair arrived quickly and was very securely packaged. It
felt soft to the touch and was easily styled and maintained. I didn’t feel the
need to use much styling products and curls held very well when used with my
curling rods and with a curling iron. Something I loved was how it maintained a
great curly/wave pattern after being washed several times and drying naturally.
I loved the additional length and the fact I didn’t really have to do much to
the hair in the morning, which as a pregnant lady was AWESOME! Any day I can
get up and go is a good day in my book!

As someone without a relaxer the hair offered a wonderful
protective styling option, I didn’t have to use any heat or products on my natural
hair with the extensions in and the closure piece.

My only complaint would be the fullness of the hair on the
closure piece which once brought to her attention Carmelle happily and quickly
replaced with a better piece.

I had the hair in during my maternity shoot and I loved how
it looks in all the pictures! I would definitely purchase from Hair GarbExtensions again.

But don’t take my word for it; I’ll let Carmelle explain all
about following her dream and helping make women feel beautiful!

Tell us about Hair Garb Extensions
and how it started?

Hair Garb Extensions is an online hair boutique based in
South Florida. This was an idea that flourished as a dream now into reality. My
business name and concept was inspired by the definition of “Garb” which means costume, attire, or outfit this meaning was all
I needed because we as women express ourselves through fashion, makeup, hair,
music and more my “aha” moment came in early 2011. I made the decision that I
will pursue my entrepreneur ideas then my research began. I was new to the scene
and was educating myself on what does it takes to operate and manage a business
in all aspects.  After several months of
research decided to take my platform to social media by starting a business
page on Instagram: hairgarbextensions, along side (2) YouTube reviews to show
credibility of my awesome virgin hair that caters to different genres of women.”

What inspired you to start Hair
Garb Extensions?

“My inspiration is beauty. Everyone wants to feel and look
good and we can dress that up to our desires. Secondly I went back to my roots, performed a big chop and knew that my hair grows most and is at it’s healthiest
state when its protected. In order to do this based on past experiences
protective styling was my main agenda and was perfect for me to achieve my hair
and business goals intertwined. Versatility was key in my research going from
sleek straight virgin bundles to virgin kinky bundles when I choose to. My main
ingredients to serve is virgin hair of my choice, heat protectant if necessary
(depending on texture) and a must have is a lace or silk base closure to shy
away from any leave out.”

What makes Hair Garb Extensions unique from other brands?

“Hair Garb Extensions distinctiveness comes from our honesty. Every product has been truly tested for quality. We provide 6-grade virgin hair highest quality on the market. No customer will be left behind, the road to fabulosity is here.”

What types of products does Hair
Garb Extensions offer? Can orders be customized or can certain colors be

“Hair Garb Extensions provides clip on extensions Remy virgin
hair bundles (wefts), lace and silk base closures, full lace wigs, lace fronts
and in the making upart wigs. Orders can be custom made and selected Ombre
colors are available to purchase also.”

What piqued your interest in the beauty

“My peek interest is that I was excited of the outcome and
possibilities. Facing challenges may not seem great at that moment but the end
result for me is a lesson on avenues to get better. Learning my hair, trying my
own products, having length retention, knowing our products caters to everyone
and everyone has a special event in life I will be honored to be a part of it.”

What is the
hardest part of being a part of such a large industry where many similar
products to yours are sold?

“The most challenging part of the industry is that we all
have competition however healthy competition is great. An entrepreneur is given
the path of being creative to set apart from the other “guys”.”

What advice would you give any up
and coming entrepreneurs that want to make and market their products?

“My advice for new entrepreneurs is to be consistent with
work habits. In life the best risk taker is to bet on yourself.”

How can interested
customers order your product?

“To purchase our wonderful products, see customer reviews, or
have questions please visit us @  / “

Fave 5 questions:

Fave guilty pleasure to watch on TV?


Fave celebrity?

Mariah Carey

Favorite thing to do on the weekend?

Relax, and
watch movies.

Favorite Kardashian?


Favorite splurge?


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