Holiday Giveaway 2.0

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

I just LOVE the holidays! Though I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t stress me out a little when it comes to buying gifts for certain people. I’m usually pretty good at picking gifts for my friends and family but I always get stuck when it comes to my sons teacher, coworkers, or my boss!

Well this week’s featured store is Crafty Ginger Mama which is run by yoga extraordinaire, Jenn! Her store offers a fun variety of leg warmers, coffee sleeves, snack bags and more!

She’s offering one coffee sleeve to a lucky reader, they make a perfect gift for that coffee or tea loving teacher, coworker, or boss! 🙂

Read on to see some of my fave picks from her store and to learn more about Jenn and enter the giveaway!

Contest ends Friday at midnight EST.

How cute are these Wonder Woman wash cloths and Star Wars re-usable snack bags! Great Stocking stuffers! 

Leg warmers are just awesome and these striped beauties are on my wish list! 

Any Dr. Who and Rapunzel fans? This stocking is for you! 

These coffee sleeves have great prints and patterns. Perfect gift for a teacher, coworker, or boss! 

What inspired you to start your Etsy store?

It’s all been a very organic process. I’ve made things for my own family or friends – aprons, snack bags – and then have gotten requests to make more to sell. Etsy makes it SO easy – I never would have gotten off the ground without that as a venue for sales.

I’ve also always had a bit of a fabric problem – I go into the fabric store and see cute fabrics and just have to get some, without any plan for what to actually DO with it! Now I have a legitimate excuse – it’s all justified as business expenses

What types of products does Crafty GingerMama provide?

My tagline is “Handmade Useful Stuff.” So, things that are meant to be really USED, but made with care and attention to detail, from those aforementioned fun fabrics!

I make reusable snack/sandwich bags and coffee sleeves, legwarmers upcycled from sweaters, and aprons for kids and adults. I also have a whole line of bags, electronics cases, and stockings made with some really unique and cool fabrics for Dr. Who and Star Wars fans, thanks to a really cool company in Durham called Spoonflower, which does custom-printed fabric.

Can any orders be customized?

Absolutely! I don’t have the time to make a sample of every single type of item in every single fabric I have – so I definitely encourage customers to get in touch with me. I’ve worked with folks to make all manner of tablet cases, messenger bags, and aprons.

Have you always been a crafty person?

Yes, I guess so! My mom has always been an inspiration. She taught me to sew, and always did lots of sewing, anything from doll clothes to upholstery. Of course, she has also built the furniture in addition to upholstering it, and when I was growing up she was a potter and also worked with stained and fused glass. So I’ve always had a tendency to look at things and think, “I could make that…or mom could anyway!”

Who are some of your favorite Etsy stores?

Well right off I have to give a shout out to Karen Hallion – I use fabric printed with her artwork on a lot of my items. She does beautiful illustrations, mostly geek-inspired. I love how her Princess/Dr. Who mashups really put a different spin on the traditional princess storylines – very empowering!

I also love Specraftular, another local mom who does SUPER cute applique items, children’s clothes, and sassy totes.

Are the fabrics you use organic or green?

I don’t use much in the way of organic fabrics – they’re less available and prohibitively expensive for me at this stage. However, I do use primarily natural fabrics – cotton, mostly. I specifically picked ripstop nylon for the interior of my snacK bags because I’m not a fan of vinyl from an eco perspective.

Were you inspired to make reusable snack bags as a way to help lessen the use of sandwich bags and promote a more earth conscious attitude?

Absolutely. I am a serious tree hugger! But it’s a win-win; how much more fun is a sassy cloth bag that shows off your personal style than a boring plastic baggie?

Fave 5 questions:

Fave guilty pleasure to watch on TV?


Fave guilty pleasure snack?

Right now, Candy Cane Joe-Joes

Favorite thing to do on the weekend?

Spend some low-key time with my family, ideally outside in the sunshine!

Favorite splurge?

Fancy-ish yoga clothes…but I get an instructor discount, so it’s not even a real splurge

Favorite [secret] celebrity crush?

Wait, the internet is TERRIBLE at keeping secrets! Ok, I’ll divulge… young-to-middle-aged Robert Redford. I have a thing for redheads, you see…

Anything else about you or about Crafty Ginger Mama that you’d like Shabby, Chic, and Cheap readers to know?

Yes. In case you’re wondering if you can get away with wearing leg warmers in 2013/14, the answer is HECK YES. They put the fun in functional!

Also, I’d love to gift one of your readers with one of my reusable coffee sleeves, any of the ones regularly priced at $7. They make great teacher gifts!

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