Currently Craving Kohls| Tummy Update – Week 18


So, I was being a responsible adult and paying off my Kohl’s
card today [aren’t you proud mom?] when I decided to take a little detour and
peruse the site to see what they had. I haven’t checked their store or website
in a while. I was in a shoe shopping kind of mood so I headed over to see what
new styles the LC by Lauren Conrad collection had to offer. As usual she did not disappoint!
All these shoes are on sale and under $50! My fave is the nude pointy toe heel
but all 4 are fabulous and chic!

Don’t worry mom, I paid my bill without making any new
charges…but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted! 

PS: I was originally going to call this post Kurrently Kraving Kohls…that would have been awkward huh? =) 

I’ll blame it on preggo brain…it’s a real thing! 

Now for a belly update!! 

Here’s my current pregnancy update:

  • How
    far along: 
    18 weeks

  • How
    big is baby: 
    About the size of a bell pepper, weighing in at 7

  • Weight
    Not sure to be honest!

  • Sleeping:  Good
    some nights, not so good on others. It’s hit or miss really. I’m starting
    to get bigger so it’s a bit harder to find a comfortable position.

  • Food
    Grapes and
    raspberries, pretty healthy!

  • Food
    Pickles [Oh the irony] and Garlic

  • Missing: Beer,
    I just really want a nice cold beer!

  • Symptoms: I’m
    a week behind on my update because last week the doctor put me on bed rest.
    I am feeling better now and thankfully baby is fine. I just need to
    realize I can’t do everything the way I did before and I do need to take
    it easy. I’ve definitely slowed down and have been taking it easy. The
    hubs and our friends and family have been a WONDERFUL support system!

  • Doctor’s
    Next week!

  • Movement:
    Baby is definitely on the
    move! I have no idea what s/he is doing in there sometimes! Having a dance
    party is my guess! I love feeling the kicks though.

  • Gender
    / Names: 
    We are going to find out next week! We have a girl name
    picked out, no boy names yet…

  • Best
    moment of the week:  
    Getting to hear baby’s heartbeat even
    though it was an emergency doctor visit, it’s still amazing to hear the

  • What
    I’m looking forward to: 
    Finding out the gender next week!

  •  What
    I did / Got for baby: 
    My mom sent us a box full of baby goodies,
    nothing too gender specific but all useful things that we will need. She’s
    obviously excited!  


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