BIG Reveal!

Here’s my current pregnancy update:

  • How
    far along: 
    19 weeks

  • How
    big is baby: 
    About the size of a heirloom tomato, weighing in at
    9 oz.

  • Weight
    7lbs – not too shabby 🙂

  • Sleeping: 
    I recently bought a pregnancy
    pillow and since then I have been sleeping so much better, it really makes
    a difference!

  • Food
    Mandarin oranges, pineapples (Fresh)

  • Food
    Pickles [Oh the irony] and Garlic – still.

  • Missing: Beer,
    I just really want a nice cold beer! Think I will break down and buy some
    O’Douls, just for the taste!

  • Symptoms: Feeling
    pretty good, I’ve been taking it easy like the doctor told me too. Some
    back aches here and there. Totes normal! 🙂

  • Doctor’s
    4 More weeks!

  • Movement: Baby
    is definitely on the move! I have no idea what s/he is doing in there
    sometimes! Having a dance party is my guess! I love feeling the kicks

  • Gender
    / Names: 
    Look below!! 🙂

  • Best
    moment of the week:  
    Finding out what we’re having!! SO

  • What
    I’m looking forward to: 
    Thanksgiving! My little seester is coming
    and I can’t wait to see her and also to eat delicious yummy food!! Ha!

  •  What
    I did / Got for baby: 
    My mom has already bought some clothes
    after finding out the gender! She is one excited Grams! Now that we know I
    can work on the registry and buying things for nursery.   

Tiny fingers, tiny toes,
and little itty bitty tiny clothes;
Dresses, ribbons, and hair to curl…guess what we’re having?

A baby girl!


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