Target Tuesday|Tummy Update

Have you guys been to a Target lately?! Because I have, and I’ve been swooning over EVERYTHING!
Tarjay has always been one of my favorite stores but this season I feel like
they have really stepped their game up! A lot of their pieces even outshine the
Philip Lim line! Today I am sharing 6 dresses that I’d love to get my hands on!
One thing I like about Target is that they have pieces that are both stylish
and affordable, which is important for me. I am definitely on a budget!



Here’s my current pregnancy update:

  • How
    far along: 
    16 weeks

  • How
    big is baby: 
    About the size of a avocado, weighing in at 3.5 oz.

  • Weight
    Haven’t stepped on a scale since last appointment so I
    don’t know. We don’t own a scale at our house.

  • Sleeping:  Good
    some nights, not so good on others. It’s hit or miss really.

  • Food
    cravings: T
    omatoes with salt, okras and rice! Yum!

  • Food
    Pickles [Oh the irony], Garlic, Chicken

  • Missing: I
    would love a deli sandwich right now…like for reals. With spicy mustard,
    mm mm mm!

  • Symptoms: Nausea
    is subsiding though I still have my moments, dizzy spells, still feeling
    very tired and still dealing with bouts of motion sickness.

  • Doctor’s
    Next week!

  • Movement: I
    am definitely feeling something, nothing that the hubs or kiddo can feel
    yet though. Mostly I can feel movement when I am sitting on the couch or
    being still. Last night I felt a very definite kick to my stomach, it made
    me jump!

  • Gender
    / Names: 
    We are going to find out in November! We have a girl
    name picked out, no boy names yet…

  • Best
    moment of the week:  
    My mom called me on Sunday and it just
    made my day to be able to talk to her. She lives in Italy so we don’t get
    to talk on the phone very often, and I miss that. When she lived in the
    states I’d talk to her several times a day! I miss her very much and wish
    she was closer.  If you’d like to
    find out about her travels she has a blog too! Check it out here! She’s new to blogging so leave her some love =)

  • What
    I’m looking forward to: 
    Finding out the gender next month!

  •  What
    I did / Got for baby: 
    One of my mom’s co-workers got a unisex
    onsie for baby! We are still holding off until I am a little further along
    and we know the gender. 

16 week bump 


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