Saying goodbye to Charlie…

So recently I had to say goodbye to a very dear friend of mine…Charlie.

Don’t laugh…but Charlie was my car.

Probably sounds or seems silly that I had a hard time saying goodbye to something so materialistic but Charlie was more than my Jetta. He was my first grown up car.

He was with me through 2 moves as a single gal, a bad breakup, road trips to Charleston, trips to Virginia, the birth of my bff’s 2 beautiful kids, my sisters HS graduation, meeting and falling in love with my husband. Our first date, our first kiss, finding out we were expecting. Charlie is what we rode to the hospital June 14th when I went into labor and Charlie has been around all of my son’s life.

Charlie has been around for so many of my milestones and I guess a part of me wanted him to just always be around. But cars break down and fall apart. They aren’t made to be around forever so about a month ago the hubs and I had to trade him in.

We haven’t named our new car yet, leaving Charlie was so bittersweet for me because of all the memories, but I am looking forward to making new memories in our new car, and I can’t lie…having Sirius radio made the transition a little sweeter 🙂

Have any of you ever had a hard time saying “bye” to something materialistic that you were fond of?


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