Ever Wonder

What bloggers wear to run errands?

Taking pictures with your eyes closed is the hip, new thing for 2013 🙂

Bag: Steve Madden via TJ Maxx via giveaway

Sweater: Old Navy| Jeans: TJ Maxx| Boots: Old Navy

Ever wonder if bloggers make resolutions?

I have never been one to make New Years resolutions.
A. I suck at keeping them and 2. I never really know what resolutions to make.

I mean, I don’t want to lose weight, though I could stand to hit the gym and just get in shape to be healthy.
I don’t want to eat healthier because aside from a piece of cake or some ice cream I’m not a ‘bad eater’. I eat all my veggies and I loooove fruit!

I can’t stop shopping…I mean what would I write about on the blog?! *wink* (That one is for the hubs)

I also feel like it’s hard to make resolutions for 365 days into the future. You never know what’s going to happen, but I do feel like I can have some goals not necessarily just for 2013 but if they all happen this year then that’s awesome and if not, that is ok too. A new year is like a blank canvas, you’re the artist you decide how your piece of art will look.

2012 was a year full of changes for me. I am honestly very grateful for everything that happened, I learned a lot. I met some great people and had some unforgettable experiences. I made new friends and lost some friends. I realized who my real friends are. There have been some ups and downs, highs and lows, good and bad times. Each experience has been a blessing and a lesson in and of itself.

My goals for this year are simple [Listed in no particular order]:

I want to surround myself with genuine people who have my best interest at heart and are supportive of my goals and dreams.  The more positivity the better.

I want to get my son potty trained! We’ve been trying and boy is it a doozy! *This WILL be done in 2013*

I want to keep expanding Shabby, Chic, and Cheap! I love having this blog, it has been a great creative outlet for me and I’ve met some amazing people and had some wonderful experiences because of this blog. I hope the amazingness continues into 2013.

I want to broaden my modeling with Models for Charity.

I want to travel out of state and out of country at least once.

I want to grow more spiritually.

I want to participate in more volunteer opportunities.

I want to continue learning, growing, loving, laughing, living, and enjoying life.

Do you have any resolutions/goals for 2013 or just life in general?


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