All I want for Christmas…

Skirt [On MEGA sale!!]| Sweater: Similar, Similar| Shoes: Target [Last year]

I don’t know what it is but I just LOVE this picture! 

All I want for Christmas:

Is for Jessica Simpson to just come out and admit if she is pregnant or not already?

Also, if she is not preggers can we get a shot of more than her floating head on her WW commercials?

Is for people to STOP reporting on LiLo [Lindsay Lohan]…for the love of pizza just stop.

No really, stop.

Can Chris Brown and Rihanna just say they are back together already? I am sick of the cryptic tweets and pictures.

Speaking of – tweeting pictures of you smoking pot in Amsterdam…not cool Chris, not cool. It’s like saying “Hey young impressionable fans go smoke pot. It’s fun, it’s cool, hey, I do it”.   

Is for Kate to give us a baby bump picture! I am SO excited about a new royal baby!

Is for them to retire Gangam Style – sorry, not sorry.

Is for the Disney Channel to hurry up with the new Girl Meets World show, I’ve been missing Cory and Topanga!

Is for colored denim to stay in fashion. I have a serious addiction….no really. I borderline need professional help.

Is for people to stop combining celerity names just because they are a couple. Brangelina, Bennifer (old school), Chrihanna, etc. Here’s a cray cray idea, let’s just refer to them by their names! BTW, if I combined my name with my husbands, the best I could come up with is Marry…which we are so, um yea. There you go.

And, as an ode Sandra Bullock or as I call her Miss Congeniality the last thing I want is of course what everybody wants: World Peace!

Disclaimer: This post was written just for fun, it’s not intended to be taken seriously. Please don’t leave any derogatory or negative comments. Just trying to keep things light and fun on this here blog o’ mine. Thank you.


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