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Have you ever been browsing online checking out new sites and stores and then – WHAM! You spot something that you absolutely love?!

 Well, if you haven’t you’re missing out and if you have then you know what I’m talkin about right? Of course you do.

I get the whammo feeling at least 10 times a week! I am constantly drooling over new shoes, clothes, and jewelry online. Because I am not a gaziollionaire  (yet. *wink*) I often just ogle all the pretty things and then move on, on occasion though I find a store that not only has great merchandise BUT they also have AFFORDABLE merchandise and that ladies is what I call a win-win. Boom.

Stella B. Jewelry is an online Jewelry store with trendy and affordable pieces. The owner Deborah is a full-time mom that spent over 8 years working in the Beauty and Spa industry [Take a look at her she’s GORGEOUS!] as a manager of 2 spas in Houston and Dallas. During her career she met and married her husband and they found out they were expecting a beautiful little girl, Deborah had every intention of going back to work full-time but realized she’d prefer to stay home and raise her daughter. Even though she is a SAHM she still wanted to bring in some income doing something that she loves!

One day her twin sister asked for a name brand bracelet for Mother’s Day that was over $100. She went into the store with her sister but just didn’t see what the big deal was about it, and couldn’t understand why it was $100 for ONE bracelet! It wasn’t real rose gold, so it was clear they were just paying for the designer name and for $100 she could get 5-10 pieces of jewelry elsewhere.  Hence the idea to open an online boutique was formed. She wanted to create a site where she could offer women a variety of jewelry that looks just as good as the designer pieces but without the designer price tag! And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good deal on a cute accessory?

The name and inspiration for the name of her store comes from her daughter – Stella! Named after her great Yia-Yia and B, for Bernadette after Deborah’s mom and VOILA – Stella B was born. Classy, Chic, trendy jewelry that is great quality for a great price. A “Luxe look for less”!

Deborah was kind enough to send me some pieces to review and to give away! I have to say I was very impressed with the quality of the pieces she sent. Though they aren’t priced high, they are high quality. The watch is my favorite piece and only required me having to get the wrist band adjusted, which I typically have to do with any watch. I suffer from SWS – Small Wrist Syndrome 🙂 I also love the bracelet which reminds me of a David Yurman style but without the hefty price tag. The bubblegum necklace is what made me fall I love with her store in the first place so I was UBER excited when she sent it as a sample piece!

You all should definitely check her store and her FB page out, but first be sure to enter my giveaway for a chance to win the Bubblegum Necklace!

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