Friday Letters

Dear Ethan,

I love being your mommy and hanging out with you.

Dear Monday,

I start a new job on that day so PUH-LEEZE take it easy on me. I’m very excited so play nice 🙂

Dear Politicians,

I EARLY voted so PLEASE stop calling, emailing, and snail mailing me. Like for serious. 

Dear Bag I saw at Scout & Molly’s,

I’ll be back to get you, you’ll love your new home. Promise.

Dear Readers,

It’s getting cold, and I hate the cold. I will make an effort to take outfit pictures just for you! I must really 

like you love you.

Dear Husband,

Thank you for coming out to all my modeling gigs, you rock!

Dear Friday,

I am so glad you are here, don’t tell the other day’s but you are my favorite. 

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