Stalker + an announcement

So, you guys… basically I was stalking these boots on Aldo, they are
pretty much perfection to me! I first noticed them last winter, like December
2011 ya’ll! They were originally $170 at Aldo and I wanted them bad. I figured
I’d wait until summer when they’d surely go on sale…and they did. For $160…HUGE
savings right? Wrong.

And then as if the shoe gods heard my prayers they really
did go on sale a few weeks ago for $85 and an additional 15% with FREE
SHIPPING!! Too good to be true right? Right. I placed my order only to have
Aldo email me two days later and tell me they were out of stock. I was
literally heart broken. I actually called around to several stores to see if
they had them, I was willing to drive to Hilton Head, SC or Williamsburg, VA to
get them (obsessed much?).

Of course like some ex-girlfriend who can’t let go and move
on, I continued to stalk my beloved Prettner boots online just hoping and
praying they would come back in stock. I’m happy to report that all my hard
work, obsession, and stalking paid off! Snagged these babies for $85 and free
shipping and I couldn’t be happier. Obviously we’re meant to be together.

This is my it’s officially Fall outfit 🙂

Receipt- Dress: Forever 21| Boots: Aldo| Glasses: Target

Can you believe after going through all of that my husband called me an obsessive
drama queen?! Clearly he doesn’t know what it means to find your ‘sole’ mate
[get it? Ha ha] these boots are the perfect riding boot, I’m pretty sure Aldo was
thinking of me when they made them (duh!).

Now for the announcement! I have launched a Store Envy store
to sell some of my gently used and hardly worn items as well as jewelry that my
mom sends from Italy! I’ll be adding some scarves to the store as soon as she
mails them out to me. So please be sure to stop by my store and shop my closet! By the way use code ‘Grand Opening’ and get 10% off! 

PS: I apologize to you all now because I’m pretty sure I’m going to live in these boots throughout the fall and winter. You’ll definitely be seeing them a lot! xo! 


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