Back to School|EBEW Challenge

Linking up for the Everybody Everywhere (EBEW) September

This was one of my favorite challenges, Back to School!

I was one of those nerdy kids that loved this time of year.
I’d organize my book bag with all my new supplies, make sure my pencils were
nice and sharp and of course I’d be on my best behavior when we went shopping
so I could get the nice 120 count box of Crayola crayons…you know, the one with
the sharpener on the back of the box! That gave me street cred and made me an
automatic cool kid 🙂

The night before school I’d stare at my closet trying to put the perfect outfit together. It HAD to be just right, cool enough for my friends to like, nice enough for the teacher to think I looked like a good student, pretty enough for any cute boys in class! A lot went into this outfit! It’s funny how things change when you get older and you get more comfortable and develop your own style. If I were going back to school nowadays I’d rock something like this, cozy, comfortable, and chic. THIS is that perfect outfit that ‘back to school me’ was searching for. 

The Receipt: Jeans (Similar)| Sweater (Old Navy)| Boots (Target)

Anyone notice my little photobomber in the back 🙂

EBEW - Back To School




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