Awkward & Awesome Saturday

Typically I link up with Sydney and post these on Thursdays, but rules are meant to be broken right? Right.

Just a few of my moments from the past few weeks…the good,
the bad, and the ugly.


Being in the Chik-fil-a drive thru when a bee (I’m scared to
death of them because I’ve never been stung) flies into my car window…I
repeat it! Automatic freak out!! I’m talking I almost
crashed into the car in front of me because I hopped out the car while it was
still on! Um, yea…I’ll take fries with that. Pretty sure I might be am
on YouTube.

What exactly does it mean when your OBGYN says you have a
“beautiful cervix” um, yes as awkward as you feel reading this it was 10x more
awkward for me. Do I say thank you? Is that some sort of sexual harassment?  Do I bring it up at show and tell? Is that
some sort of #MDpickupline? Do I put that on my resume’? [TMI? – sorry]

Autocorrect on cell phones! Need I say more? I was writing
Melissa back on her fall guest post and my phone turned the word post to p***y!!! Can I just go on record and say I absolutely despise that word and I was
extremely mortified! Thanks for being so understanding Melissa! I am now very
extremely exceptionally careful about reading before I hit the send

Watching the Wonder Years with the hubs, the very last
episode (my least favorite) and as it ends and **spoiler alert** Kevin and Winnie
don’t end up together I tear up a bit and then HOLY MOLY the flood gates open
and I just start crying sobbing uncontrollably – we’re talking ugly cry
faces people. Poor guy didn’t know what to do or why I was crying. Funny thing
is I didn’t know either. Weird. Damn you Winnie Cooper!

The Receipt -Jeans (Similar)| Blouse (Buy)| Blazer (Similar,Similar)| Shoes (Buy – on SUPER sale!)


Still fitting into my prom dress! Can we say Halloween
costume idea!

Rocking my curly hair for like a week straight and sharing
it with you! New record I’m sure.

Family/Friend visits. Aren’t they just the best?

Blogger meet ups. Always a fun time.

Getting a Liebster award! Thanks again Tomris! You rock my
socks! Check out her post here.

Winning a giveaway! Thanks Lyddie and INPink!

Finding out that apparently I have a beautiful cervix. Oh –
wait, is that still awkward? My bad.

My blog turning 1 this month! Very awesome!

And for sitting through all my awkward and TMI moments here’s
something AWESOME for YOU! 25% off all online orders at ClothesHound with code
word birthday at checkout! Yay for bloggerversarys!!


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