Swings & Spring

It’s the first day of Spring…officially! My calendar says so, that’s what makes it official. Of course it’s been Spring in my head for about 20 days now [yea March 1st means Spring to me, in total agreement with Kendi].

I know it’s Tuesday and this is a pretty casual outfit for a Tuesday, but sometimes it’s nice to pretend it’s Friday. Maybe if I pretend hard enough tomorrow will be Saturday and I can sleep in?! Think it’ll work? It’s pretty hard to fool the universe. 

PS: Swinging makes me happy and is totally awesome, if you’re having a cruddy day, go to the closest park and swing for 2 minutes {it’s OK tell your boss I said so} I dare you not to smile and feel all happy inside afterwards. 


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The Receipt:

Jeans: American Eagle {similar}

Shirt: Old Navy {similar}

Shoes: Old Navy {similar}

Finally joined the cool kids and got some minty green nail polish! Love it! 

This bun took FOREVER to get right, so please take a second to ogle it! 


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