DIY: Nail Marbling

I’ve been seeing tons of pictures on Pinterest lately with how to’s on nail marbling. Before Pintrest I’d never even heard of it but the first time I saw a picture I thought it was cooler that the other side of the pillow! I knew I’d have to try it.

I looked up some videos on Youtube and gave it a shot last night, took me a couple tries at first but I really like the end result. Sorry for the crappy pictures but I just took some really quickly this morning so I could share them with you.

A quick note: if this is something you want to try, you really have to play around with the nail polish brands some work better than others, I used 3 colors and two were the Pure Ice brand from Wal-Mart and one was a Target brand so nothing expensive. Just be sure to seal it in with a top coat! 

Click here for a tutorial on nail marbling from another blog, and as I said Youtube has tons of videos which were really helpful to me. 

Happy Saturday! 



Again, sorry for the poor picture quality in these guys 🙂


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