Bloggy Mojo {Guest post by: Katie}

Hi everyone,

My bliend {that’s blogger and friend combined, and yes I made it up} Katie over at Hems for Her is doing me the honor of being my first guest poster! I love reading Katie’s blog, there’s always a lesson, a laugh, and lots pf cute outfit pictures. I know if I have a rough day I can head over to her blog and feel like I am talking to a friend about their day. I’ve promised her a guest post of my own but because she is more awesome and responsible than I am she gave me hers first {Thanks Katie!}

Hi, I’m Katie from Hems for Her, and I was so thrilled when Marissa asked me to guest post over here! We met over a mutual love for our sweet little boys and our obsession with Old Navy. Why they don’t want to sponsor us with all the free advertising we do for them is still a mystery, but our bloggy friendship is not!

We love shopping, we love styling, and we love our families! At Hems for Her I show you how I balance my life as a wife, mom, teacher, and self-proclaimed faTshionista! I started my blog on a whim last year, but never anticipated how much I would love it. Now it’s a natural part of my day-to-day life. I joke that if I were as dedicated to working out as I am to working on my blog that I would be in amazing shape!

I have a tendency to get really wrapped up in activities for weeks at a time (scrapbooking, walking, watching The Big Bang Theory), only to find myself burned out and exhausted. Slowly those “passions” begin to collect dust and cobwebs, and I am on to the next new fun thing.  I didn’t want this to happen with blogging, so I work hard to keep my blogging “mojo” alive and well!

I am going to share with you some tips for keeping up your blogging momentum and avoid blog-related burnout!


This is important in all aspects of my life. As a parent and teacher, I have to be consistent with routines and punishments. Likewise, I have to be consistent with my blog. Decide right now how much time you are able to blog and try to stick to it. Are you going to blog one a week or once a day? Checking out the blogosphere shows that blogs vary greatly in their posting schedules- some post daily (or multiple times a day!!), some post every other day- there’s no right or wrong, but it helps readers know when to check for new posts, and keeps you on a schedule!


It’s so frustrating to spend hours working on lesson plans, only to realize I didn’t anticipate a class meeting or a test or guest speaker, and my plans are derailed. I learned a long time ago as a teacher I MUST be flexible and that my lesson plans aren’t set in stone. They are more like road maps- nice to follow, but riddled with pot holes and detours. Blogging is no different. I try to blog Monday-Friday, but sometimes I get stuck with a flat tire or a detour. These things are inevitable. Life happens, and sometimes you won’t have time to blog. Don’t beat yourself up about it and don’t get discouraged. Pick up where you left off and write!


One thing I didn’t realize when I first started blogging last year was how much time it would take to cultivate a real community within my blog. Blogging is a reciprochal relationship, filled with give and take. I LOVE reading other blogs, and if you want your blog to grow, you cannot be a one-man wolf pack. You’ve got to read and comment and get to know other bloggers. And it’s SOOO much fun! I have met some of the most awesome people through my blog. Carve out some time as often as you can to dedicate to blogging and reading other blogs. Because I have a young son and I work full-time I try to dedicate the early evening hours to him, but from 9:00 until I crash I am in my happy, bloggy zone. Some bloggers I know start their morning reading blogs and drinking coffee. It’s a great way to start or end your day. Find some time!


With anything I find myself passionate about, sometimes I go overboard. I truly think I could spend 12 straight hours on my computer, reading and commenting on blogs. Of course, I don’t, but the temptation is there. Some nights i find myself working feverishly on a blog or just mindlessly wandering through my favorite blogs while the housework or the husband sits around totally neglected. This isn’t fair to anyone, and while it may seem fun, eventually you will be exhausted and the burn out will begin. Every other night I instate a strict no computer, no blogging, no networking after 8:00 PM. I spend time with my husband or my laundry or my DVR (or all three at the same time). We all know that electronics late at night interfere with sleep, so give yourself a curfew and stick to it!


For most of us bloggers this is a hobby, and like all hobbies it should be fun! I rarely stress out about what to write because I’m not writing for a paycheck or for a test grade, I’m writing for FUN! Sometimes I write about really hard-hitting things in my life, and sometimes the blog veers towards the mundane and ridiculous. Such is life! I don’t feel pressured for every blog post to be Pulitizer-winning, so that keeps things fun, which in turn keeps me motivated and excited.  Don’t be afraid to write about silly things if you usually write with a serious tone, and don’t be afraid to tackle sensitive subjects if you usually focus on light-hearted fare. Mixing it up will keep you fresh!


While you need to keep it fun and mix things up, it’s also nice to know what works for you! I love bloggers with regular weekly series. I  have two series that run on Thursdays and Fridays respectively. I love having a regular thing to do. It’s not boring at all. In fact, I find Thankful Thursdays (thank you letters to important and influential people in my life) and Occasionally Stylish (a “What Should I Wear” for specific occasions) to be some of the most fun posts I write.

Ultimately to succeed in blogging you must love it, but with anything you love, sometimes you can grow tired or aggravated. There’s nothing wrong with taking a bloggy timeout to refresh and recharge! Hope to see you soon!


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