Wedgies on my booties

Shoes: Old Navy {buy}

Ha ha, clever title huh? Well hate to disappoint you but I’m not talking about the bunched up underwear kind I’m talking about the awesome Old Navy shoe kind!

If you follow me on Twitter it’s no secret that I’ve recently spent a small fortune on new clothes from Old Navy, but who can blame me when they were having such an amazing mega sale?! I mean we’re talking 75% off here people!! No one with a brain could pass that up! So I didn’t. I’m all set for winter…if he ever decides to make his mind up and hang around a while {not that I’m complaining}. I’ve got some great new sweaters, my first pair of colored jeggings {they’ll be featured tomorrow}, some shirts, dresses, belts, and of course these shoes! And if I can just continuing showering Old Navy in compliments these bad boys were only $12.99!! Can we say #winning!?!

They’re very comfortable to walk in and wear all day and I think they’re so versatile; I can dress them up with a skirt or a dress or tone them down with some skinny leg jeans or jeggings. 

**Extra note: Sorry for my lack of post lately, my mom recently relocated to Italy {lucky woman right?} any way while I am extremely happy and insanely jealous I am also very sad because she is my mom, she is awesome, and I will miss her. I needed a little time to grieve but I’m back and excited about blogging in the new year! Thanks for reading and supporting! I’ve got a lot of fun things in the works =0)



Sweater: Marshall’s {similar striped option}
Jeans: Marshall’s {similar}
Shoes: Old Navy {buy}

Earrings: Claire’s {old}
Necklace: Tiffany & Co. {Gifted from the hubs}
Bracelet: {Birthday gift from pet seester}
Headband: Scarf used as headband


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