{Inspiration} Rainy Day Oufit

{Inspiration} Rainy Day Oufit

The weather has been so fickle here this winter, I’m not complaining about the lack of ice-cold days but I could do with out all the rain we’ve been having lately. Rain is good on a weekend when I can make a cup of hot cocoa and curl up in bed with a book, but when I have to sit in an office for eight hours a day, rain just makes me sleepy and it’s a struggle to stay awake. Don’t think my boss is going to fall for the ole’ mini post it notes with eyes drawn on em’ trick {not that I’ve tried it}.

I don’t yet own a pair of Hunter’s but Valentines Day, My 1 year Anniversary, and my Birthday are all coming up with in the next few months so I have some hope! {Dear Husband, this is a HINT! Just in case you’re reading this.}

This is a perfectly comfy and chic rainy day outfit, good for splashing in puddles, running errands, or my fave singing in the rain.



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