I’m Blank Because…

I got this post idea from Awesomely-Awkward one of the blogs that I read and she got it from one of the blogs she reads! I figured why not spread the love and list some totally random facts about myself along with some of my favorite pictures. Hope you enjoy getting to know me a little better. 

Hopefully the rain stops over the weekend so I can actually take some outfit pictures worth looking at =)

Leave me some comments below and tell me why you’re {blank} because…



I’m weird because…

My 2 pinky fingers are crooked

I like oatmeal made with milk only

I STILL haven’t taken down my Christmas decorations or tree {Don’t judge}

I still watch Disney movies { ie: The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, etc}

I can’t swim but I love going to the beach and pool

I never finish a bottle of water because I feel like there is gross stuff in the last swig

I don’t like the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks it’s true I know, I prefer the cinnamon dolce latte =)

I need to join Sour Patch Kids Anonymous, for reals.

I’m pretty sure I share way too much of my life with my mom, pet seester, and best friend

I’m a bad friend because…

I am bad at answering my phone calls… listening to voicemails… and returning the call
I’m always late.

I’m a good friend because…

It’s never too late to call me and talk.
I always tell you the truth
I am really good at making people laugh when they’re down

I’m sad because…

I’m so far away from my mom and I miss her.
I have a serious shopping addiction, and I’m not rich.

I feel like I don’t spend enough time with the hubs and my kiddo

I haven’t been home to Trinidad in forever

I’m happy because…

It’s January and it’s not subzero weather
My best friend cooked dinner so I didn’t have to do anything after work
I got emails from my mom and text from my seester today

Ethan gave me kisses

I’m excited for…

My 1st wedding anniversary next month

Upcoming photo shoot for ClothesHound’s lookbook

Blogger events
The future!

Me and the hubs

Robot Pirates…we will take over the works boop beep beep arrgh!

Feeling the music at a friends wedding =)


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