I love Sarsaparilla!

Ahhh, Friday. How I love thee…let me count the ways:

1. I don’t have to go to bed early

2. I get to sleep in late the next morning {Which leads to my love of Saturday}

3. I usually get to eat bacon {score!}

4. I got to wear my new Old Navy Jeggings {Yet another item I bought recently, I should be a spokeswoman for Old Navy!}

5. I got to wear my very awesome, uber comfortable sarsaparilla shirt courtesy of my friend Katie’s give-away on her blog – Hems for Her {Check out her blog and tell her how awesome she is!}

6. I don’t have to cook dinner

7. I can drink all the wine I want

8. My best friend comes into town tomorrow

The list could go on, the point is Friday is here which means the weekend is here which makes me a very happy lady =)

Nothing too exciting planned this weekend, finally going to admit that the holidays are over and take down our tree and decorations. Yes they are STILL up {don’t judge}, I’ll be wearing black as I mourn the passing of the holidays but celebrating that with the holidays behind us SPRING is in front of us which means it’s almost time for open toed shoes, maxi dresses, and beach trips!

PS: I spent most of the day talking in my best cowboy western voice, sometimes wearing a mustache and drinking sarsaparilla makes you feel all Clint Eastwoody =)



Jeggings: Old Navy {buy}
Shirt: Elemental Shop – won in a give-away {buy}
Socks: Don’t judge 🙂
Glasses: Tiffany & Co. – Lenscrafters

The husband told me a joke 🙂


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