Oxfords, Hearts, & Halloween

I’ve wanted some Oxford heels for some time now and the story behind these is actually a little funny. Saturday night I went to one of my favorite shoe websites www.makemechic.com to place the order for these fully prepared to pay the $30 [including S&H], that sweet hubs of mine even offered to buy them for me [I think he’s a keeper]. Order placed I went to bed excited about new shoes and hoping they came in the mail quickly, on Sunday the hubs, kiddo, and I took a trip to Burlington Coat Factory where I found my beloved [and identical to the pair I’d ordered the night before] Oxfords on clearance for $13…well $12.58 to be exact! How stellar of a deal is that, I’m pretty sure the BIG guy upstairs was sending me a divine sign that I was meant to have those shoes 😉 don’t you?

While I can’t promise that the Burlington Coat Factory in your neck of the woods will have these shoes if you want a pair I can tell you to go to makemechic and once on the checkout page enter code ‘seven11’ and you’ll receive 25% of your order! {You’re welcomedJ}

New shoes in hand [and original order cancelled], I paired them with a new pair of tights and a simple grey and black dress. What do you think? 




Dress: Old
Cardigan: Mossimo – Target
Tights: Target $4.90
Necklace and Earrings: Gifted [Thanks Mom]


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