Eye Spy {bar} a Tie|Fashionable Happy Hour

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the Fashionable Happy Hour hosted by ClothesHound at the Spy Bar in downtown Raleigh.

It is a charitable event that benefits the Solemates Foundation. A foundation whose mission is simple: “To keep shoes out of landfills and recycle them for people in need”.

Well what’s better than having a legit excuse I mean reason to shop! There were over 10 local vendors there selling their amazing jewelry, candles, and clothing items.

I picked up a gorgeous new cocktail ring that I am sure will be featured in a future post very soon!

Because I knew this event was tonight I wanted to dress up a little more than my usual ‘casual Friday’ work wear. I stepped completely out my comfort zone and paired together different patterns, colors, and textures and topped it all off with a very lovely tie {courtesy of the hubsJ}. He’s sweet for sharing. I also did a different eye shadow look than I usually do. TWO colors with a bold eyeliner. I have to say this is one of my fave looks! Ties aren’t just for the boys, I think they give women a very subtle sex appeal and bad girl edge!

What do you guys think of my outfit? It was inspired by Selena Gomez’s photo lay out in a recent Glamour magazine!

Any way bargainista’s check out the pics from tonight’s event let me know your thoughts, LOVE hearing from you. Don’t forget to check out ClothesHounds website and enter code ‘Shabby20’ for a 20% discount on your online orders!

Hope everyone has a fabulous and fashionable weekend!

Photo Courtesy of Glamour Magazine Online

My Rendition
Sweater – H&M {similar}
Shirt – Thrifted {similar}
Tie – Borrowed

Trouser Jeans – TJ Maxx {similar}
Shoes – Candies from Kohls (Order here)

Kid @ ♥ =-)

Orchid Lane 


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