ThRiFtY tUeSdAy…


Last week was ‘Bargain Tuesday’ this week is Thrifty Tuesday and nothing is thriftier than a thrift store J!!

I love going to different thrift and consignment stores around town and seeing what good deals I can get. I found some pretty cool things at my local GCF this past Tuesday!

Take a guess at how much I spent! Leave me some comments on some of your best thrift store finds/deals! 

Sterling silver antique mirror & brush set
Guess the price $______

Bracelet and broach set
Butterfly necklace
Guess the price $______

3 belts
Guess the price $______

Banana Republic Slacks
American Eagle Outfitters Jacket
Old Navy Shirt
Taylor Swift for LEI Dress
5.7.9 Top
Guess the price $______

Just so ya know I did wear red today, a red sweater by S. Oliver, didn’t have time to take any pics. Tomorrow I am wearing one of my nifty thrifty finds for Girls Night Out!

Hope everyone has a happy Wednesday!




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