Sweet Dreams!

Bedtime! One of my favorite times of the day…or night rather!

Nothing like winding down after a crazy day of work, running around, chasing a toddler, and of course hanging with the hubs. Now I’m not complaining about any of that…well maybe the work part. I mean who in the H-E-double hockey sticks decided it would be a good idea to work FIVE days and only have TWO days off?! My guess is a man…but I digress… I’m not complaining about my day to day routine but if you know me then you know I looooves me some sleep! One thing I like about bedtime is the outfits!

Sounds weird right?! The thing is just like your normal every day wear, bedtime also allows you to release you’re inner sleeping beauty fashionista! You can go casual, sexy, or old school footies! The possibilities are endless! Now I won’t scare you with pictures of me in pajamas but I will list a few of my faves below with the links in case you’re interested in grabbing a pair for yourself!

[Photo courtesy of Target]

What’s more comfy than a tank and and some cotton pants?! The cute Paul Frank Sock Monkey print helps! The price isn’t too hard on the wallet either $24.99, if you’re interested in ordering a pair click here

[Photo courtesy of Forever 21]

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month Forever 21 is having specials on various items, one of them is this super cute and casual tank and boxer set! This is sure to help you sleep stylish while supporting an amazing cause [only $10.80]! If your interested in ordering this set Click here

[Photo courtesy of Victoria Secret]

Va-va-va-voom! Nothing says sexy like a babydoll! Check out this number by VS only $32 by clicking here, this is sure to help you sleep beautifully or get some stares from that special someone 🙂 

[Photo courtesy of pajamacity]

We all had a pair of footie pajamas as a kid and if you’re like me you’re still a kid at heart! These cute little green froggy pj’s are only $24.95 click here to check them out! Perfect for a pajama party/movie night with all  your girlfriends! 

[Photo courtesy of Sears]

Feeling a little flirty? This is a perfect little chemise to throw on! Sure to make you feel feminine and fashion forward! Only $10.80 at Sears click here to check it out! 

All of these pj’s go perfect with a satin pillow, your favorite bedtime snack and a teddy bear! All fashionista’s need their beauty sleep and it doesn’t hurt to go to bed beautiful! Leave me some comments with your fav pj picks and bedtime routines, snacks, and stories! 

I’ll take the dream I had last night,
And put it in my freezer,
So someday long and far away,
When I’m an old grey greezer,
I’ll take it out and thaw it out,
This lovely dream I’ve frozen,
And boil it up and sit me down
And dip my old cold toes in.
~Shel Silverstein, “Frozen Dream,” A Light in the Attic


– Marissa



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