Regrets & Recipes…

Ok let’s get the negative stuff out of the way.

Regrets, I try not to have them but every now and then one sneaks up on me. For example, this weekend while shopping with friends one of the department stores was having a HUGE sale! So huge that they had a Lilly Pulitzer shirt typically $118 for only $20…and I put it back [I KNOW YOU’RE SAYING “WHAT’S WRONG WITH HER?!”]!!! OM-Geebus!! What the H-E-double hockey sticks was I thinking!! UGH! I am so mad with myself!! I know the shirt is long gone now, that was too awesome a deal to pass up I must have been suffering from temporary insanity due to hunger [I hadn’t eaten lunch yet]. Still kicking myself for that one.

Lesson to be learned: Don’t pass up an awesome bargain like a $118 piece of clothing for the VERY HUGELY & deeply discounted price of $20 :0/

Recipe! Very proud of myself, this recipe almost takes the sting out of walking away from that awesome deal. Pound cake cupcakes! I love cupcakes and I love pound cake so combining to two only seems natural. Made this from scratch and it was SUPER easy! If I can do it ANYone can! Seriously! I always say: “I don’t bake, I burn” and usually that is the case, the trial run went well Sunday, sadly the ‘official’ run did not go so well tonight…my rose Bundt cake burned…dern oven! Anyway enjoy the pics and if you’re interested in trying the recipe out yourself click here!

Silly Husband!  
The supplies! 

The yummy results! Ta-da!
These were the trial run cupcakes, sadly my official try tonight didn’t go as planned. R.I.P. Bundt cake. Never eaten, always remembered.


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