Q & A and Make up Day…

Q & A and Make up Day

Hey readers! I’m so excited! Got my first question in an email today so this post will be full of pictures and answers!!

Q: What type of make-up do you use?

A: Great question! For my foundation and base I use Bare Minerals mineral make up. It feels natural and like I have nothing on my face and it provides great coverage that last all day! Click here to check it out.

For my eye shadows, eyeliners, lip gloss, and everything else that is my make-up bag I use Avon products or Mark by Avon. Just so happens that my wonderful mom is an Avon representative to check out her online store click here! There are always great deals and plenty of variety.

Keep the questions coming by emailing me at shabbychiccheap@gmail.com, I love hearing from you!

Ok, on to today’s outfit: I’m starting to get into the spirit of Autumn so in acceptance of the changing season I celebrated fall with a dress…it’s also the make-up day from my ‘No pants week’ when I cheated and wore pants [I’m still sorry about that] but now I’ve made up for it! So forward and onward!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!



Dress – Forever 21 – Gifted
Belt – Thrifted
Shoes – Olsen Boye – JCP $14.99 [Orig. $50]

Bracelets – Gifted
Earrings – Glitter $1 [Tuesday Bargain!]


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