Purging Ol’ Yeller

Ever feel a little overwhelmed and like your life is cluttered with so many different things going on and you just can’t get a handle on everything?

I’m sure we’ve all felt that way at one time or another…well today I was feeling that way and usually when I start feeling cluttered I know I need to get organized and you’d be amazed at the small improvements you can make and the big impact they can have on your life.

Today I did some laundry and instead of letting the clothes sit in the basket until I wear them again I folded [GASP] and hung up all the clothes, I felt so much better like I was starting to regain some control. Next on the list: Purging Ol’ Yeller aka cleaning out my purse!

It just amazes me how junky my bag can get over time and how heavy it starts to feel, once I start going through all the old receipts, perfume samples, random notes/papers, and miscellaneous junk it’s shocking to realize how much of it I really don’t need!

Next time you feel like you’re losing control try de-cluttering a small part of your life, I guarantee it will make you feel better. I feel lighter now that my purse is in control, I feel like I am too. 

Yes, that is a can of ravioli!

Ahhh, order is restored 🙂


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