Monday Schmonday…

What a Monday! I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the day but somehow I was able to…I had my Psych final last night and then my kiddo woke up so I was operating on about 3 hours of sleep…I guess it’s like that sometimes.

Anyway onward and forward, this week’s theme/challenge is about color. I am challenging you and myself to wear a color that you don’t wear very often or that makes you feel a little uncomfortable. You don’t have to dress head to toe in that color but you do have to have it on or accenting your outfit.

My color of the week will be red…for some reason I always feel really awkward when I wear red, like it doesn’t look right on me. So I am stepping outside my comfort zone and embracing it for this week…who knows I may even grow to love it…ok maybe that’s a little over zealous. I should at least grow to like it!

Today’s red was just highlighted in my shoes and accessories, very subtle.

Leave me some comments on a color that you aren’t always so confident wearing and make it a goal to challenge yourself this week to wear that color…I dare you!

Shoes – American Eagle for Payless
Scarf – Gift from Mom
Bracelets – Gifted

Tomorrow is Thrifty Tuesday! I got some pretty AWESOME-RIFFIC deals so don’t forget to check back! 🙂


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