Lace & High heels

Lace and high heels…sounds sexy right? And I’m sure when you combine the two that’s a double whammy of sexy!!  That’s exactly what designer Valentino did, he combined lace and a gorgeous high heel to win this years ‘Sexiest Shoe Award’! Congrats to Valentino! Click here to read the whole article and see the other contestants. 

The shoe really is very feminine, sleek, and sexy but at $695 it’s over my shoe budget [Can you imagine me trying to explain justify that to the hubs?] So let’s all take a moment to admire, ogle, ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at Valentino’s sexy shoe and then before the sticker shock sets in check out some affordable alternatives sure to fit your budget!

[Photo courtesy of iShine on Yahoo!]

If you like that ^ then check out these affordable alternatives below!

Add a fun, flirty, ‘bad girl’ edge to the style with these cute booties! On sale for $9.99 click here to order.

The velvet bow on the front is the perfect touch on this shoe sure to get plenty of compliments for only $37 you can’t beat the price! To order click here

Dress up your look with this pretty Fioni Night pump from Payless, only $29.99! Click here to order. 

Add a girlish flair with the touch of pink on these shoes by Pleaser available at Sears for only $65.95! Click here to order.




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