The girl who never wore red lipstick…

Hey readers! I am a little under the weather this week, hence my lack of photo’s and very late blog postings. I’m overdosing on vitamins, tea, and vapor rub and hoping to recover soon. In the meantime here is a post from my old blog about the power of red lipstick and the confidence it can give! I hope you enjoy it. I promise some new pictures by Sunday at the latest.

I am not the type of girl that begs for attention, and most times I don’t mind being invisible. I’m the girl on the back wall of the party looking around…observing people, and the environment surrounding me. People watching…it’s a hobby of mine.

Every now and then I find myself wanting to be the ‘cool’ kid though, the one that people want to know and talk to but, that would require me stepping out of my comfort zone and away from the wall in the back of the room. I would need to be bold, fearless, and confident…when I think of those words one color comes to mind: RED . Bold girls wear red lipstick. Girls that aren’t afraid to speak their minds, girls that don’t care what other people think because they don’t need their approval wear red lipstick. Girls who know what they want and go after it wear red lipstick. These girls are the type that don’t sit around waiting for things to happen they are the ones MAKING changes, living life, LEADING the way.

Today I wore red lipstick, at first I felt very self-conscious but then I realized I need to hold my head high and OWN IT. Be proud, strong, fearless…or a least fake it till I make it and really felt that way. I started embracing the waves of confidence as they washed over me. Today I walked away from the wall because I realized I didn’t need to hold the wall up…it has been holding me up all this time. It has been my comfort zone…sometimes it’s good to step away from the norm and embrace the unknown, something new…something potentially amazing and definitely beautiful.

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Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.   

-Gweneth Paltrow

– Marissa –


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