Facing Fashion Fears…

Facing fashion fears…you’re probably asking what is there to be afraid of when it comes to fashion. Well there are PLENTY of things, though maybe ‘fear’ is a bit of a strong word for some.

For example one of my fashion fears I mean CONQUERED fashion fears was wearing red lipstick, after I finally tried it, it didn’t look as awful and gaudy as I had imagined. 

So onward and forward right? Next on the list is snakeskin!

Animal prints are very trendy right now, you can go into any store and see leopard print shoes, zebra striped tops, and snakeskin clutches. In fact one of autumns hottest sssstyles is, yep you guessed it: snakeskin! The print is invading stores everywhere from the infamous Bloomingdales to the neighborhood Target store. It can be a very sexy print to wear as long as you follow the rules!

Pair it with a solid color, don’t overdo the print. It makes a statement by itself. Try it with khaki or a bold color. Try it with teal a very popular color for fall.

Try it as an accessory! Not up for wearing it as an outfit? Use it to accent your outfit by using a snakeskin clutch, belt, shoes, or jewelry. That way you can ease your way into the trend without feeling un-comfortable.

Feeling daring? Want to make sure you’re noticed? Try pairing the print with a bright color! You’ll be sure to be the ‘it’ girl in the room! 


Check out some sssssnakeskin bargains I found and leave me some comments on some animal prints you’ll be rocking this fall and some fashion fears you’ll be facing! If I’m brave enough to face mine I know you can too! J

Like the Bracelet? Click here to order.
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Recognize the dress? 

[Photo’s courtesy of H&M, Target, and Frockcandy.com]


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