Mom jeans?!?!

Mom jeans?! I think I’ll pass.

I’m a mom, I have 1 son, but I’m also 26 and still young and cool [at least I think so J]! Which means that I don’t have to dress like an old marm. It’s interesting that women are often expected to, or maybe we expect it of ourselves, to adjust our fashion sense as we become moms. It’s as if we should forget about “me” and immerse ourselves in taking care of our kids, to the point that we don’t care anymore about fashion. FALSE!!

Let me tell you, you can be a loving, caring, awesome mom, and wear STYLISH jeans. You can pair those jeans with cute tops, have manicured nails, and even wear heels once in a while (though admittedly heels at the playground are less than ideal).

The point is ladies that you DON’T have to choose between being a “mom” and being a “woman”


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