I’m NOT wearing any pants!!! Well, after today…

So last post was on how awesome trouser pants are and my declaration of Monday 9.19.2011 as National Trouser Pants Day [Somehow I don’t think everyone got the memo] I still celebrated! Starting tomorrow I’m only wearing dresses or skirts {atleast until Saturday}, NO pants!! If you know me, you know I LURVE me some jeans so this will be a bit challenging, stay tuned for pics!! In the meantime check out my trouser pants, WOWza pants!!

Shirt: Ross $5.99

Trouser Pants: H&M $26.99

Belt: Ross $3.00

Shoes: Dillards $23.99 [End of season sale, they were originally $80]

Bracelet: Gift from Mom

Ring: AMAZING gift from husband [IE: Wedding band set :)]

Total cost of outfit: $59.97 without tax*

Yes, that is a Nancy Drew book. Yes, I think she is awesome. And maybe I have a secret urge to solve mysteries with my friends in a convertible all around town 😉



Kudos to Mr. Larry Williams for his amazing photo editing skills

No Pants idea courtesy of runningonhappiness


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