How to comment on my post

I’m so happy to have the support of all my wonderful friends with reading my blog but the #1 question I get is on how to leave comments on my post!

Fear not my friends for I am coming to the rescue in a super chic and fashionable cape J

Just follow the directions below and if you have any questions just email me at!

1.   Click on post comment. Pop up box will appear [You may need to disable your popup settings on some computers]

2.   Type comment in designated box

3.   Choose an ‘identity’…ok sounds complicated right? I mean who are you? I’m still trying to figure out who I am! But no worries, no need to call a psychologist to help sort your feelings out you merely need to tell me who you are as a commenter it’s very easy, and won’t require  you laying on a couch recollecting your childhood memories J!

          If you have a Google account you can comment using your gmail log in

          If you have an OpenID account you can also comment using that information.

          Select Name/URL option if you don’t have any of the above. You DON’T need a URL to use this option. Simply type your name in the field marked name and skip the URL field. Your post will appear as [NAME] says:

          Anonymous: want to leave me a comment but too shy to reveal your identity. Select this option. I won’t judge!

4.   Click preview to see how your comment will appear [optional]

5.   Click “Publish your comment” aka the BIG orange button aaaaaand…

VOILA!! Now I can read all your wonderful thoughts and opinions! Can’t wait so leave me some looooove! J





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