Awkward & Awesome Thursday


Having security guards stare at me while I take pictures for my blog

Calling a client and burping into the phone as soon as they answer [SO embarrassing]

Waving at your neighbor…only to discover it’s not your neighbor [That’s probably why she didn’t wave back]

Walking into an absolutely silent bathroom, and then having one of those unconscious moments where you say what you’re thinking out loud because you think you’re alone…and then hearing the toilet paper rustle coming from the next stall over. So then you proceed to silently bang your head against the wall and duel it out for who leaves the stall first so you don’t have to make eye contact. [You’ve been there…admit it]

Looking at ma-self NEKED {What?! You do it. Just cause’ you don’t announce it to the world…} and coming to terms with the fact my body will never be how it was before I had a baby…

Having a guy ask which brand of er…’feminine’ products is better [Although sweet of him to be brave enough to buy them for his wife]


Kisses from my Ethan J

Homemade chocolate chip cookies from the hubby

Talking to my best friend for hours on the phone

Having a fun weekend to look forward too!


Chick-fil-A fries [Addictive]

The hubz always remembering to put the toilet seat down so I don’t fall in the toilet at 2 in the morning. That is ALWAYS awesome *cue the cheers and applause soundtrack*

Cardigan – H&M 

Jeans- American Eagle Outlet

Shoes – Mossimo [Target]

Earrings – Claires


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