About Me…

thanks for stopping by shabby, chic, & cheap! my personal blog on fashion, life, and bargains! here’s a little about me: 

I’m all for world peace, i LOVE raspberries, i’m a BIG sister, a daughter, a wife, and a MOMMY! i like holding hands and cuddling, i love the smell after it rains, i have a HUGE crush on Glen Burns, family guy cracks me up, sour skittles, pop rocks, and now & laters are awesome, i plan on changing the world one day even if it’s something small, my best friend is a BLESSING, i’m a pretty good listener, sometimes i cry, i love watching movies, i love doing make-up, i consider shopping a form of therapy, NOTHIN is better than an awesome deal, traveling the world is an enriching and at times humbling experience, CREME BRULEE ROCKS MY WORLD, and one day when i grow up i want to be like my mom! I never want to lose my memories…

hope you’ll visit again




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